Thursday, September 24, 2009

New York Meets Sweden

Where else but New York would I attend a Swedish-themed barbecue?

Perhaps Sweden. But until I make it there, my friend's apartment in Queens is a pretty good substitute.

Our host carried the theme to the extreme, with blue and yellow crepe paper and plenty of Ikea goodies. Sure, there was your typical American burger, but Paul managed to Scandinavian-ize even that with a sardine and dill.

Cheeseburger with sardines

The food didn't stop there: Swedish meatballs with lingonberry sauce, herring, crawfish and even Swedish fish. Maybe the latter wasn't *exactly* authentic ...

Crawfish: Like little lobsters

Paul plays with his food before ripping off its legs

A stop at the Scandinavian bakery a few blocks from our apartment allowed me to produce a raspberry kringle, a sort of thin coffee cake. It was Danish, but it tasted pretty good anyway.

Raspberry kringle

And to wash it all down: Swedish vodka (for many) and mixed drinks made from Swedish fruit juices (for me).

I learned a lot about Swedish food and a little about Swedish culture. The most important thing I learned: Skol! Cheers!

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