Thursday, January 29, 2009

How I Got My New Rain Boots

Snow and sleet was predicted to fall Wednesday after midnight, so I wasn't surprised to wake up and find the roads and sidewalks a white, slushy mess. Lacking a pair of rain boots, I slipped on my one pair of non-tennis shoes that seem to be waterproof.

I walked the four blocks to the subway and waited until I descended the stairs to stop and retrieve my Metrocard from my purse. When I lifted my foot: trouble. The entire back of the sole had come loose from one of my shoes.

I couldn't very well return home, else I probably would have been late for work. In any case, I thought I could make it to work and then patch it up with some tape or glue before I came home and threw them away. Worst case scenario, I'd pick up a cheap pair of shoes during my lunch break.

I tried to move my foot as little as possible during my commute. People probably thought I had a bum leg since I tended to drag my foot instead of lifting it and making the sole come off even more.

The stairs were my downfall.

I have to climb a few dozen at the end of my commute. By the time I was across the street from my office, the sole was attached to the rest of the shoe by just an inch of leather. Or plastic. Or whatever the shoe was made out of. (Something cheap, evidently.) I nimbly walked through the puddles into the lobby without getting my foot wet.

I met a coworker saw my predicament. Luckily she happened to have a pair of tennis shoes in her office that happened to fit me quite well.

Needless to say, I bought a pair of olive rain boots during my lunch break.

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