Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April odds and ends

#1: Paul signed up for his first half-marathon! He'll be running a bit more than 13 miles throughout Brooklyn this Saturday. No worries- he's been known to run a treadmill 15 miles at the gym. (How boring does that have to be? I don't care what's in your iPod or what's on TV.) Of course, he wants to run a real marathon, but the chances of him getting in to the NYC one are pretty slim. To have anything like a near-guaranteed spot, you have to run something like 14 half-marathons sponsored by a specific organization, I believe. So he may run the marathon in Columbus or one of the other cities here in the northeast.

#2: When I was in Ohio last weekend, I did get to spend a very short amount of time with Paul's family. I was there about 16 hours, and about half of that I was sleeping! In any case, my sister-in-law, Becky, did manage to sneak in a few pictures. She has them posted on her blog.

#3: We're now trying to rent our house. It was listed just this week, and we've already had three people interested in taking a look. Paul and I probably are more excited than we should be. That's already three times as many people who have looked at our house to buy it!

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