Monday, April 14, 2008

Cupcakes and pancakes

I am in NYC by myself for the first time. And while I wasn't looking forward to Paul being gone, I am trying to take advantage of the time by doing things I know he would hate.

Paul left early Saturday morning to visit his family for the week (I'm joining him Thursday night, followed by a wedding in Indiana on Saturday and my sister's bridal shower on Sunday). That means I have to make my own fun for nearly a week.

I did this on Saturday by eating only pancakes and cupcakes. Chocolate chip pancakes for brunch, followed by a chocolate cupcake at Magnolia Bakery, made famous by Sex and the City. The frosting was delicious, the cupcake itself was average, and the wait was horrendous. Thirty minutes for a cupcake? I probably won't be returning.

I spent the afternoon exploring Washington Square Park and the West Village. Later in the day I walked around the Upper East Side and passed Marymount Manhattan College. I remember getting a mailing from this them in high school, and I vaguely wanted to attend (mainly because of the word "Manhattan" in the name).

The weather was beautiful-- the first warm, sunny weekend this spring, I think. Tons of people were out, and the sidewalks were filled with diners. I can't wait to visit a few.

On the way home I stopped at Sugar Sweet Sunshine, another bakery I've wanted to visit. It has tons of stuff with nuts, so it was ideal to try while Paul was away. Indeed, I walked away with an Ooey Gooey (chocolate cupcake with chocolate almond buttercream) and a Lemon Yummy (lemon cake with lemon buttercream). I may have to change my search for the perfect cannoli into the search for the perfect cupcake. What a tough job.

My day o' cakes continued with vegetable pancakes for supper. Honestly, I'll take pancakes and cupcakes over meat and potatoes any day.

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  1. Ha - at first I thought that said "vegetable cupcakes" and I thought, EWW, although it might not be that bad, like potato pancakes but in cupcake shape?

    How much do these fancy cupcakes cost? They sound delicious.



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