Monday, April 7, 2008

NYSE-- Who knew?

I work five blocks from the New York Stock Exchange.

I did not realize this until about three weeks ago.

Yes, it took me four months to figure out that I work within walking distance of the center of the financial world.

I knew I worked close to Wall Street. That subway stop is the one right before the one where I get off, and it only takes about a minute to get there, so I knew it was close. So during my lunch break on a blustery Friday, I went exploring.

Sure enough, I saw some interesting sights/sites. Trinity Church is about five blocks away on Broadway at Wall Street. I took some photos from the second floor of a Borders bookstore across the street.

Turn east and walk a few blocks, and there's the NYSE. It's hard to miss-- it's the building about a million people are taking photos of.

Before I descended into my subway station after work that night, I noticed that I could very clearly see the building from Nassau Street, about a 1/2 block from work. I'm obviously turning into a New Yorker, keeping my head down and not getting a clear look at anything!

1 comment:

  1. How funny -- I bet that is somewhere Paul would like to go!



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