Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Tuesday for the books

It's not everyday you see streams of toilet paper flying outside your window.

That was the scene today, about a block away from the Giant's ticker-tape parade in Lower Manhattan. The streets were crowded when I got to work about 9:15. A few of my co-workers had trouble making it to the building less than an hour later.

All morning through the early afternoon, horns and the crowd's chanting buzzed through the windows. Confetti -- shredded documents, not the pastel papers you see at parties -- flitted through the sky. A few whole pieces of paper drifted to the ground, and toilet paper streamed out of high-rise windows.

The whole thing seemed to come straight from the 1940s, but ticker-tape parades supposedly have a longer history than even that. New York's first was to celebrate the dedication of the Statue of Liberty in 1886. This was the first, however, since 2000.

Speaking of old-school, I voted in today's primary with a mechanical lever machine. I didn't know anybody still used those! I was in college when I was first eligible to vote and had to vote absentee. By the time I had my own permanent address, I was using electronic machines.
Not only is it Super Tuesday, it's also Shrove Tuesday. I always got donuts at Schuler's in Springfield on this day, and I miss it now. Instead, we're going to Little Cupcake- the best substitute.

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