Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Birthday Tie Dye Cupcakes

Who wants a plain old vanilla birthday cake when you can have tie dye cupcakes instead? At least, that's what I imagined Edith thinking as her fourth birthday approached last week.

I came across the concept of tie dye cupcakes when I made Paul a rainbow cake for his birthday last year. This seemed similar but less time consuming. (Correct on both counts.)

I started with the same basic cake recipe that I used for Paul's -- the most delicious vanilla cake I've tasted. It made 24 cupcakes, although really I shouldn't have filled some of them so full and made a few mini cupcakes instead.

Then I separated the batter into six bowls, coloring each.

I riffed on the instructions I had seen, plopping blobs of batter into cupcake liners instead of making layers, mostly because my batter was thick and wouldn't easily spread. I think they turned out better like that anyway.

Next time, I might do five colors of batter, saving the sixth color for the frosting. Either way, delicious!

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