Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Six Years of NY, All Boxed Up

I've been going through a major paper purge over the last couple of weeks. My major focus: several boxes of brochures, stubs and various knick knacks from 10 years of vacations and 6 years of living in New York. I whittled it down to two containers that are smaller than shoe boxes.

One of those boxes is dedicated to New York. Last week was a bad week to do this since it was the three-year anniversary of when we moved away. I was already feeling sentimental. Deciding what made it into the box was always going to be difficult. Now it was sad, too.

What made the cut: all of the Playbills, my favorite business cards, some maps, quite a few Metrocards and a few odds and ends. Even now it's strange to think that arguably the most exciting years of my life can be represented by the contents of a single box.

But no regrets. It's paper. Ashes to ashes, and so on. The memories remain. And seriously, it's nice to not have so many boxes around.

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