Tuesday, June 7, 2016

St. Louis: A Visit to Grant's Farm

Grant's Farm seems to be high on the list of St. Louis tourist attractions, and it was on our must-see list. While I enjoyed the few hours we spent there, it wasn't for the reasons I expected. And I probably wouldn't make an effort to go there again anytime soon.

The kids like the tram ride from the entrance to the main area of the park, and it was a pleasant way to see many of the animals. The attractions were small but nice -- there were even elephants, kangaroos, zebras and flamingos, and we also saw a lone peacock wandering around. So "farm" is a bit of a misnomer, although it certainly wasn't as extensive as a zoo.

My favorite part was unexpectedly the biergarten, with its outdoor seating and two free beers for everyone of age. Grant's Park is the former Busch estate, after all!

I'm not a bit fan of zoos, and I felt even more sad for the animals here. Edith's few interactions with the animals were mixed. She loved feeding the goats, but hated when the parakeets got too close. In any case, I'm sure her favorite part was the carousel.

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