Tuesday, April 5, 2016

On Atticus Turning 1

March 15, 2016

Atticus turned one year old on Saturday. Where have the last 12 months gone? I've often heard it said that the days go slow and the years go fast. Never has that been more true than in the past year.

My baby is a baby no longer -- unless you count in my head. He even took is first tentative steps last week and has become even more adventurous in the last couple of days. He's sturdy and playful, quick to laugh but also quick to make his way to Mommy's lap when his blue eyes fill with tears.

He had six teeth at last check, and boy, does he use them! Few foods get thrown to the floor, instead making their way to his belly as quick as he can handle them. He loves his fruits (bananas are a lunchtime favorite, as are strawberries and blueberries), peanut butter toast (just like his mom) and all manner of meats and veggies.

He's a climber and can make it up the stairs to the second floor in no time flat. He's been clapping since Thanksgiving, but we've been able to catch only a wave or two. He likes to play peekaboo and is equally happy whether you hide your face or he hides his own. He's pretty good at stacking blocks, but his favorite activities seem to be knocking all the books off of my bookshelves or seeing what big sis Edith is up to.

Growing up with a sister and having a daughter, I simply couldn't picture what it would be like to add a boy to our family. I couldn't be happier that I now know. Atticus is my little bugaboo, at one year old and forever.

One of my favorites! April 17, 2015

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