Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Grocery Shopping with Two

April 8, 2016

Now that I've gotten the hang of it, I kind of like getting groceries with both of the kids. In fact, I think I enjoy grocery shopping more now that I did pre-children.

It helps tremendously that Aldi has shopping carts that fit two kids. Edith prefers to walk rather than ride in the cart, but that typically won't last the entire trip. So the two of them sit together and largely entertain each other.

The biggest hit lately has been the mirror at the top of the meat section. I didn't even notice it until I glanced up to see what had entranced them so. Last week they found the mirror at Kroger too, so it's a certified crowd-pleaser.

When the weather is nice, we walk to the Kroger at the edge of our neighborhood. Atticus stays in the stroller -- perfect, since I can load up the bottom with our buys. Edith sticks by me pretty well and is an expert at looking for free samples!

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