Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Presidents Day, President Books

Another Presidents Day has rolled around, and for once I'm only mildly (instead of immensely) embarrassed about how our quest to read a biography on every U.S. president is going.

Last week I finished a book on Calvin Coolidge. It was about time. My last presidential book, on Warren G. Harding, was finished in March.

Of 2014.

It was nice to get back into the groove of this project that was started in 2009 (!!!) and has had many a long hiatus. Paused but not forgotten, I guess you could say.

Coolidge was a nice reintroduction for me, since a good chunk of the book was about how he interacted with the press and used them to connect with the American people. He wasn't a flashy head of state by any means, but he introduced or ingrained traditions we still see today.

Next up: Herbert Hoover.

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