Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Atticus Growing Up

A couple of weeks ago I visited a friend with a new baby. It wasn't until I held that newborn that I realized just how much Atticus has grown in the last 10 months. Turn your eyes for two seconds, and all of a sudden your baby is a real, live kid.

He's not only crawling and cruising, but he's standing -- look ma, no hands! -- for up to about 30 seconds at a time. Most of the time he and Edith play together quite nicely That is, until he comes over with the special intention of knocking all of Edith's carefully arranged toys onto the floor. "Baby dinosaur, ROAR!" I told Edith yesterday.

Atticus is a smiley joy with one exception: his teeth. His four front ones are in, and he likes to use them ... on me. Arm, shoulder, stomach, leg -- whatever is handy.

But my little boy is getting more and more interesting and interested every day. And his red hair gets attention practically everywhere we go! Nope, he's no longer a newborn. He's much more fun!

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