Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New York Grocery Flashback

On Saturday I had a strange sensation of being back in Brooklyn.

The calendar still said January, but the thermometer was at about 50 degrees. I needed an ingredient -- to make a Brooklyn Blackout Cake, as chance would have it -- so Edith and I decided to walk to the grocery store. I think I had three things on my grocery list, so I brought one reusable bag.

Of course, those three items quickly became 18. Macaroni was 50 cents a box! Cans of pure pumpkin, too! My bag quickly filled, and I needed two more.

And so, just like in New York, I was left carrying home way too many heavy, awkward groceries several blocks without the use of a car. Only this time I was trying to track a toddler too.

I balanced the bags as best I could, although there's only so much you can do when you have a gallon of orange juice in the mix. Of course we made it home, and my sore hands were only slightly worse for the wear.

Yeah, it was inconvenient, but a first-world problem for sure. Besides, it's nice to know that I still have the touch -- and can accurately gauge just how many groceries my poor little arms can handle.

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