Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Edith's First Trick or Treat

Ladybug Edith, King Paul and Atticus with his dino feet

Edith was not quite a year old for her first Halloween, so she helped us pass out treats on our front porch. Last year, at nearly two years old, she might have had fun going door to door, but we were on vacation.

So this was the year: Edith's first trick or treat. She dressed up in her ladybug costume and went up and down the street with Paul, while Atticus and I stayed behind to pass out chocolate and stickers.

We passed out about 80 treats and still had some leftover. Plus Edith brought home a handful of candy, thus continuing the time-honored tradition of toddlers collecting delightful foodstuffs for their parents on Halloween. (Although, of course, in Columbus trick or treat is often not on Halloween itself. This year it was two days early, on Thursday.)

Trick or treat was nearly as fun for us adults. We visited with our next-door neighbors and chatted with other friends and parents who stopped by with their kids. How different than when I was a kid, when we hopped in the car and stopped only at houses that were known to us within a radius of a few miles. Both were fun, but very, very different.

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