Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Weekend with Family

Atticus wasn't the youngest in the family for long. The day before he turned three months old, his newest cousin was born. We visited him for the first time this past weekend.

It was a weekend of firsts. Our first time meeting Hayden. Atticus's first visit to Defiance, where I grew up. And Atticus's first road trip -- he'd never been in a car for more than about a half hour. But he took the 2.5 hour trip like a trooper, pretty much sleeping the whole way there and back.

It was a pleasant weekend, filled with family and food. Both sets of my grandparents came for lunch at my parents' house, along with my sister and her growing family. I loved holding my newest nephew, and Edith had a blast playing with another cousin, just three months younger than herself.

Although I still miss New York (hard to believe we've been in Ohio two years this month!), it's weekends like these that make me glad I'm back. I'm happy our kids are getting to know their family in ways that would have been much more difficult from 500 miles away.

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