Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fourth of July in Clintonville

This past weekend was our first Independence Day in Columbus in about eight years, and our first in Clintonville ever. Although we lived in Clintonville last July, we spent the weekend in northwest Ohio visiting family. So this was an inauguration of sorts.

It almost wasn't much of a weekend. Paul found out Thursday that he unexpectedly would have to work on Friday. Then on Friday we got some bad news -- our oven needs to be replaced. And then Friday evening my slight headache turned into vomiting and tossing and turning on the couch all night.

I still wasn't feeling great in the morning, so Paul and Edith went to a holiday parade in nearby Worthington while I stayed home with Atticus. But luckily by the afternoon I was feeling much, much better.

We had been waffling back and forth about whether to attend the neighborhood's fireworks. On the one hand, they are within walking distance. On the other, they don't start until an hour after Edith's bedtime. At the last minute we decided to go.

Atticus slept through the 20 minute display. Edith seemed to enjoy them but was distracted. (Paul said the parade definitely was better at keeping her attention.) I'm glad we went, if only so I don't remember the holiday as the weekend I got sick and bought a new oven. Blah.

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