Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Who's Ready for a Baby?

As I sit here considering whether or not Edith is ready to be a big sister, I'm realizing that she might be the most ready out of all of us.

Paul and I? Well, we have the house set up -- baby's bed, swing, changing station, all that stuff is ready to go. But mentally ... hmm. As I overheard Paul once say, we might be less ready this time around. With Edith, we felt ready only because we didn't know what we were getting into. Now we know exactly what we're getting into and how hard it can be.

But Edith? She's just excited to have a baby in the house. She's excited to go to the doctor's office (that and the hospital are synonymous for her). And while I'm sure there will be a period of adjustment for her, I think in the end she'll do just fine. Plus, she's a pretty heavy sleeper at night, so at least one of us will be nice and refreshed in the morning!

In any case, ready or not, here he comes.

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