Wednesday, August 20, 2014

One Year in Our "New" Home

We've had a permanent address in Ohio for a year now -- we closed on our current home a year ago today and moved in a year ago tomorrow, a month to the day that we moved back from New York.

I love the house now just as much as I did then. Of course, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. I really wish the upstairs floors didn't creak so much. On nice days I sure want the painted-shut windows to open. The stairs to the basement are much too steep. But these are small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. I'm happy with the biggest purchase we've ever made.

Of course, I've had a few what-ifs. Not only "what if we would have stayed in New York?" but "what if we would have pulled the trigger on the house in Upper Arlington?" We came close to making an offer two or three months before we saw our current house, but we decided against it. No regrets. I love our house, our street, our neighbors, our location.

It didn't take long for this place to feel like home, and I know more neighbors here that I ever have in any other house before. Here's hoping that it's more than a lucky start -- that's it's the first year of many more happy ones to come.

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