Monday, July 21, 2014

1 Year Back in Ohio

Exactly one year ago today we loaded up the last of our belongs in the Jetta and left New York to become Ohio residents once again.

What do I remember about that day? It was hot -- a horrible, awful heat after a week of horrible, awful heat. Paul unloading our boxes in the car so we could fit everything inside. Gingerly opening and shutting the car doors so nothing would fall out. Walking through each and every room and closet one last time -- equal parts saying goodbye and making sure nothing was left behind. Grabbing some bagels and cream cheese at Bagel Boy on our way out of town. Crying when we crossed the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge into Staten Island.

I still miss Brooklyn every single day, and I would move back in a heartbeat if Paul would agree to it. But I'm certainly not unhappy in Ohio, and I'm grateful for the house we live in, the old friends we've kept, the new friends we've made and the family nearby. Although New York is known as the city of opportunity, less visible are the opportunities we've had by moving back to Ohio. Space, time accessibility -- you can't sneeze at things like that.

This was the time of year in 2007 that we first realized that moving to New York could really, truly happen. If I remember right, Paul's interview and job offer came about in August of that year, but it was in July that things started moving fast. And then our time in New York flew by, and so too has the last year. Funny how I clung to my Ohio identity in New York, and now I don't want to let go of New York now that we're back in Ohio.

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