Monday, October 24, 2011

Bay Ridge Harvest Festival Welcomes Autumn

What better day to ring in fall than one that feels like spring?

It was a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon that Paul and I walked to Narrows Botanical Gardens for Bay Ridge's 16th annual Harvest Festival. We'd never been to the festival and, in fact, I'd never even been to the botanical gardens although Paul has jogged through it.

Narrows Botanical Garden is just a sliver of land between Shore Road and New York Bay -- actually, it's between Shore Road and Bay Parkway, but it's much nicer to overlook the freeway traffic and instead concentrate on the blue water just beyond.

In any case, we weren't there for the views. In fact, we really weren't there for any reason at all. Since we had no expectations, it was hard to be disappointed. And we weren't.

We spent a lazy hour drifting from craft booth to food stall, stopping to watch some square dancing. I didn't know it before, but there is something inherently autumnal in square dancing. Paul sampled some rooibos tea; I opted for cheesecake on a stick --  a round slab of cheesecake the size of a baseball, dipped in milk chocolate. We left midway through the canine costume contest, which the kids seemed to find just as fun as painting pumpkins.

Dog dressed as jockey

It wasn't much, but it was about as close to the country as Bay Ridge is ever going to come. Welcome, fall. Welcome, Halloween.

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