Friday, February 4, 2011

Why I Want the Steelers to Win the Super Bowl

I'm not a big pro football fan, but I'll still be rooting for the Steelers during Sunday's Super Bowl.

That's mostly because my uncles are fans of the team. If I'm going to watch the Super Bowl, I might as well root for someone. And if I'm going to root for someone, it might as well be the team that has the potential to significantly brighten the year of someone I'm related to.

My team spirit -- what little I have of it, anyway -- likely didn't go over well a couple of weeks ago when the Jets played the Giants for the Super Bowl berth. The bars were crowded with fans eager to see New York take the title. Paul, admittedly a fair-weather fan, cheered on the Jets with a friend at a neighborhood bar. I quietly rooted for the Steelers at home.

Obviously the game went my way. If the Jets had won, however, I would have been pulling for them to beat the Packers on Sunday.

I've given some thought to my loyalties when it comes to pro sports. Here's who I'll root for first:

1) Teams from Columbus. Unfortunately this applies only to hockey.
2) Teams from Cincinnati. The Reds in particular.
3) Teams from Cleveland. Ohio pride.
4) Teams from Pittsburgh.
5) Teams from New York.
     a) Mets before Yankees, don't have a preference on the rest of the teams
6) Teams from the rest of the Midwest.
7) The underdog.

So I guess I'm an Ohioan before I'm a New Yorker, but a New Yorker before I'm a Midwesterner. Got it?

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