Monday, February 28, 2011

Indoor Rock Climbing at Brooklyn Boulders

Paul, left, on wall

When Brooklyn Boulders indoor climbing gym opened in 2009, Paul was excited. He'd started rock climbing in Columbus several years before we moved to New York, and he missed it.

There were one or two climbing gyms in New York City, but they were inconvenient, expensive or both. Brooklyn Boulders, on the other hand, was on the way home from work. He immediately got a yearlong pass and became one of the gym's first members. He's gone about two days a week ever since.

I watched him climb once in Columbus, and once in New York, when the gym first opened. Earlier this month, I visited again.

I was amazed. When I first visited, the gym wasn't yet completely set up. Now Brooklyn Boulders has 22,000 square feet of climbing. The Saturday we were there, the gym was crowded with both adults and kids -- pretty typical, according to Paul. Now the gym even holds regular yoga classes.

No yoga this time -- just straight bouldering for Paul.

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