Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Each year I try to take advantage of living in New York City during the holidays.

I've seen the department store window displays. I've watched the Grand Central light show. I took in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Christmas tree.

This year, I nearly did nothing. It was cold; I was lazy.

But I would not be defeated. The Christmas spirit would prevail.

So after work Monday I headed north toward Rockefeller Center expecting the worst. Paul and I visited the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree at night only once before -- our first winter here in 2007. It was a Saturday night, and the crowds were so thick that I could have lifted my feet and still never have touched the ground.

This year wasn't nearly that bad. In fact, I could actually see empty splotches of sidewalk! The only thing to watch out for were other people's cameras -- it was impossible to walk five feet without ruining someone's shot. I'm probably in a lot of vacation photos right now.

Yes, it was cold. And yes, my nose probably resembled Rudolph's. But I got my dose of Christmas cheer for the year. Happy holidays!


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