Monday, October 18, 2010

The Last Days of Summer in Bryant Park

Bryant Park is no secret to the millions of people who live here or the millions of people who visit, but I still feel like it was my find of the summer.

I'd been to Bryant Park -- only a block away from Times Square, next to the New York Public Library -- before, but I never felt like I knew it until the night Paul and I had a (nearly) midnight picnic in the middle of the park in August. Then I returned in September, in the waning days of summer, to see what it felt like in the middle of the afternoon.


There was a buzz of activity about the park, although it certainly wasn't crowded. In fact, there were plenty of empty chairs, almost like a work of art in itself. I already can't wait until next spring. You'll find me in one of those chairs again, cheesecake in hand.

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