Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How I Celebrated International Pickle Day!

I ate so many pickles on Sunday that by the end of the day, I myself felt preserved.

Pickles with peanut butter. Pickles in chili. Pickled beets. And lots of plain ol' pickled cucumbers.

The occasion? A Lower East Side festival celebrating the 10th Annual International Pickle Day. Pickle purveyors could hardly push their products into our hands fast enough, and best yet, most of it was free. We spent a grand total of $4 and basically walked away with lunch for two. For two of those dollars, Paul bought what basically amounted to a Korean taco. The other $2 was spent on my most interesting sample of the day: Russ & Daughter's Beet and Lemon Shrub.

The drink was made of pickled beets, lemons and a splash of vinegar. I never thought I would ever try -- let alone like --  anything resembling pickled beet lemonade.

All in all it was an afternoon well spent, even if I did eat more pickle in two hours than I did in the last two years.

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