Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Naked Statues of New York

At Madison Square Park

I expect to see naked statues at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Maybe even the American Museum of Natural History. (At the latter, however, you're probably more likely to encounter strategically placed loincloths.)

Where I don't expect to see them is in a popular public park and a shopping mall. Ahh, New York. Full of surprises.

I think you need three to call something a theme (or is that just the rule for a streak?). In any case, I've only seen two random statues of naked men, and I strangely saw them both on the same day on opposite sides of town.

I've been to Madison Square Park at least a half dozen times, but somehow the statue above managed to escape my notice.

I'd encountered the statue below at the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle a couple of times before -- I've even seen people take pictures with it. Notice how shiny the protrusion is? Maybe people think it's good luck to rub it.

At the Time Warner Center

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