Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sushi in Soho: Sushiya at Whole Foods Bowery

You can't throw a chopstick without hitting a sushi restaurant in New York City, but if you're asking for that sushi to be delivered on a conveyor belt ... well, that's a little harder to find.

One of the very few places to get it is actually Sushiya inside the Whole Foods in Soho. The grocery store devotes half of its second floor to a handful of restaurants, with seats overlooking the mass of traffic that makes up Bowery and Houston Street.

We didn't pick a great time to try it out. Only a few other people were there, and I didn't know until too late that it was nearing closing time. That meant that we only got a few not-too-fresh items off the belt before we had to order what we wanted (eel and avocado sushi, please!). Kinda takes away the fun of the conveyor belt.

The prices were about what I would expect for around here-- $2.75 to about $4 for half a roll. For the newbies -- like I was a few months ago -- the color of the plate determines the price. That's why there's a rainbow of rims in the photo above.

I've had better sushi -- even in Bay Ridge -- but this was low-key and fun. I'd go back, but only if there was a large enough crowd to keep the sushi selection constantly moving. Literally.

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