Friday, October 2, 2009

Alice's Tea Cup & My New Obsession with Scones

Scones have become one of my new favorite pastries.

I'd like to make them myself, but I have to do some research first. That's why I've been eating a lot of scones recently. Of course. Research.

I've tried many a scone in the name of science, but it'll be hard to beat Alice's Tea Cup.

The Alice in Wonderland theme told me this was not a place to drag a guy without checking it out first. So while Paul was in Ohio, I escaped to the Upper East Side to check out the pastry selection.

It was a difficult choice, but I finally decided on the pumpkin scone. Bonus: I even got some jam and cream to go.

The texture, the glaze and even the cream: all yummy. I'd take this scone over pumpkin pie any Thanksgiving.

Even though I didn't stick around Alice's Tea Cup too long, I wanted to. The mismatched tableware, intimate setting and tables and chairs in a loft by the window called out to me and my camera. I'll be suggesting this place for brunch on my next un-birthday.

1 comment:

  1. Mmmmm. I love scones. My grandma makes excellent ones!



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