Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Paul went on a hiking trip in Pennsylvania with some friends this past weekend, so the kids and I spent a lovely three days with family in Northwest Ohio. We had a great time ... until we were about 30 minutes outside of Columbus on the drive home on Sunday night.

Atticus puked, all over himself, all of his clothes and his seat. I pulled over, but it was dark and I was alone and there was little I could do. We trudged home.

He was sick a few more times and then went to bed around 11 p.m. But then at 3 a.m. Edith woke up -- and puked all over her bed. She, too, was sick a few times before nodding off in a "nest" we made for her to sleep on in the bathroom. Paul took care of that while I was up doing laundry.

Neither kid was worse for the wear on Monday. Atticus had a bit of a cough, and Edith was mostly back to normal. I was exhausted. And so passes another parenting first: two kids sick at the same time.

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