Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Firehouse Fun

The fire station down the street had an open house on Saturday. Edith was looking forward to it, but mostly because she remembered the free cookies from a past open house.

While Edith was looking for baked goods, we popped Atticus onto a truck and were rewarded with screams. But he loves trucks so much when they are in books or on the street!

Edith was much more interested after finding her chocolate chip cookie (and to give her credit, they were delicious).

She sprayed a working fire hose, and then she and I climbed into the safety house and crawled under a room of smoke.

We live only a few blocks from the fire station, and it's been great. The kids love peaking through the wide-open garage doors when we walk by and spying the trucks in the grocery store parking lot. And we rarely hear the sirens -- or at least no more than any other city sounds!

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