Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Visiting the St. Louis Gateway Arch

It was a pleasant, chilly but sunny 40-minute walk from our hotel in St. Louis to the Gateway Arch. The surrounding grounds are under extensive reconstruction until next year, but luckily the views from the top weren't much impacted.

The cramped elevator capsule to the top of the Arch wasn't as scary as I remembered it being when I rode it some 20 years ago. It's still not my favorite thing in the world, but I wasn't hyperventilating on the way up or anything.

At first we were there with just a handful of other people and we got some great photos. Then some school groups came up, and the small sliver of space got super crowded. It was time to go down.

Edith and her bear from Kansas City!

Mississippi River

I would be interested in visiting again after the construction is complete. I remember the grounds being quite lush two decades ago, although we didn't stick around to explore. (My family was mostly in St. Louis to visit Six Flags!) Nevertheless, the Gateway Arch is definitely a must-see, must-do experience if you visit St. Louis.

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