Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What Edith Can't Get Enough Of

Cheerios have jumped the shark. Our little girl is almost 16 months old, and the things she enjoyed as a baby have largely been replaced by very toddler-like favorites. Here are a few of the things that top the list nowadays.
  • Graham crackers. Replaced Cheerios weeks ago as the go-to snack on the run.
  • Books. A girl after my own heart! We can easily go through a dozen books before breakfast.
  • Crawling. She can cruise like a pro and make circles around the living room with a push toy. But walking on her own? As they say in Brooklyn, fuggedaboutit. 
  • Being left-handed. Paul's a southpaw, so it shouldn't be so surprising that she eats almost exclusively with her left hand. We'll see if it continues.
  • Carbs. Bread, tortilla, rice, whatever. Can't have enough!
  • Climbing up the stairs. Who knew a toddler could crawl to the second floor so fast?
  • Carrying something small in her hand. The square from the shape sorter, one of those silly Little People, a teaspoon, whatever.
  • Shredded cheese. A holdover from babyhood. Mozzarella, cheddar -- it's all good. To give her cheese is to be her friend for life.

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