Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brunch in Bay Ridge: Pegasus Pancakes

Bay Ridge has a lot of diners.

Although I've only been inside three or four, most of them look exactly the same from the outside. -- no-nonsense vinyl seats, a few old-timers on the stools in front of the counter, and even more behind the counter, serving up grub from a 12-page menu that includes everything from bacon and eggs to spanakopita.One neighborhood outlier has men in tuxedos serve drab food in a large dining room straight out of the '60s. We went there only once.

But one diner worth a repeat visit, however, is the Pegasus. First of all, who can resist a name like that? And second, there's the food. You know it's good when there seems to be a line every weekend for lunch (and forget about supper -- it closes in the middle of the afternoon).

What I really love is what I call the fried delight -- fried chicken fingers, curly fries, onion rings and mozzarella sticks, all on one plate.But I'm getting old and responsible, so the last time we went I ordered blueberry pancakes and a glass of carrot juice.

Blueberry pancakes and carrot juice.

The carrot juice was nothing special. It literally tasted like a liquefied carrot. (Paul had me excited about a delicious carrot drink he had at a different neighborhood restaurant, so I haven't give up hope on the beverage yet.) The pancakes, though, were delicious, something I can barely match even on my best pancake-making mornings. Light and fluffy and filled with a smattering of big, juicy blueberries.

Pegasus isn't particularly atmospheric, although I am fond of the chalkboard signs. But it's the bustling crowd as much as the food that's this Bay Ridge diner's real draw.

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