Monday, July 11, 2011

Trying Halal Food for the First Time

Halal food carts are just as common as hot dog stands in New York City. In Bay Ridge, they're even more common. I know of at least two halal food carts within walking distance; I don't know of any street stands that sell hot dogs in the neighborhood.

I'd rarely heard the term halal before moving here, and I certainly didn't have a clear understanding about what it meant. Basically, halal food is food deemed permissible under Islamic law.

Paul loves it, especially the chicken on rice, doused with a white sauce (basically mayonnaise). In fact, I can be sure of an empty styrofoam container in the trash can the morning after a night out with the guys.

He's been urging me to try one of the neighborhood halal stands for months, and I finally gave in. He ordered the usual, and I opted for the falafel on rice. Each order was $5, and the portions are large.

Chicken on rice

Falafel on rice

It's common to see men scarf down the food on the side of the street, steps from the stall. We took it home. Paul quickly downed his - no surprise there. I wasn't as impressed. The falafel was good, and you can't mess up rice, but the overabundance of white sauce messed it up for me. I ate half, and Paul happily finished it up for lunch the next day.

I'm glad I tried halal food, and even more so because Paul will now stop bothering me about it. Whether you live in New York or are simply visiting, the halal stands offer a cheap and sturdy meal. Just not for me.

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