Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Travels of Flat Stanley, Part 1

About a month ago I opened our mailbox to find a small manila envelope with my name on it.

Unused to receiving mail that wasn't either a bill or a campaign flier, I was excited. But that turned to mystification when I saw the return address -- it was from my cousin Junior, a second-grader in my very own former school district in Ohio.

Inside the envelope was a letter and a paper doll. The letter explained that his class read "Flat Stanley."

The book is "about a boy whose bulletin board falls on him one night in his bedroom. At first he is sad, but then he finds all sorts of things that he is able to do when he is flat. One thing he can do is fold himself in an envelope and mail himself to visit friends in faraway places."

I was charged to take photos of Stanley at local landmarks and then send them back to Junior to share with his classmates.

I was excited -- I got my very own kind of traveling garden gnome!

I've already sent Junior a few pictures, but I plan to take more before Stanley travels back to Defiance in a few months. Here's the first installment:

At the Brooklyn Bridge

At the Statue of Liberty

On the Staten Island Ferry

In New York Harbor

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