Monday, November 15, 2010

New York City Subway Stations: Prince Street

Prince Street is a subway station I've come to know well since I recently realized its proximity to one of my new favorite stores.

It's close not only to Uniqlo, but also to the whole host of major Soho shops that line Broadway. Even Paul doesn't mind the area, thanks to the rock climbing gear at Eastern Mountain Sports.

Because Prince Street is on the R line, I've seen the station innumerable times since we moved to New York. I didn't take a close look at it, however, until about a year ago when I read a book about New Yorkers' subway experiences that featured artwork from the station. (I think it was "The Subway Chronicles," but I'm not positive.)

The walls are lined with silhouettes of hand-sized people going about their daily business. It's not the most exciting -- or colorful -- of stations, but the detail is astounding.

I have to say that the last photo is pretty true to life. Two out of three people really don't look up when they're walking down the platform.

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