Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Sidewalk We All Can Share

Tourists to the right, please

New Yorkers often complain about the hordes of tourists who stop in the middle of busy sidewalks to take photos. Or stop to gaze at skyscrapers. Or stop for no apparent reason at all.

More frequently, they don't stop. They just walk really ... really ... slow. You might be on vacation, Mr. Tourist, but the rest of us are just trying to get some dinner.

Some people recognize this. Just a couple of weekends ago, a mother told her kids to get out of the way so Paul and I could pass them and be on our way.

I can't complain too loudly, because I know I've done the same dawdling act -- both when I first visited New York and even now, when I visit new cities. Still, I laughed when I saw the labels stenciled onto the sidewalk above on Houston Street, on the Lower East Side. Now that's taking matters into your own hands.

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