Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Heat wave & more visitors

When I haven't been too busy to write this month, it was too hot. But mostly I've just been lazy.

For four straight days two weeks ago, the temperature hovered around 100. It made me very glad that Paul installed our air conditioner the weekend before, but very sad that we bought only one. It's in our bedroom for two reasons: (1) to give us a cool night's sleep and (2) to drown out the patrons of the bar downstairs who are sure to loiter on the sidewalk on warm nights.

Buying a second air conditioner wasn't really an option. It's not that an a/c is expensive-- it's not-- but we don't have a place to store it this winter. I'm not even sure where we're going to put the one we have. Of course, if Paul got rid of his homebrewing supplies, we would have room for three air conditioners. Somehow, I don't think he's going to go for that.

In any case, I miss my Ohio central air. And garage.

Mom and Dad luckily missed the heat wave when they visited Wednesday through Sunday. Dad, Paul and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge on Thursday night, and the weather was perfect. We arrived after the sun had set, so we didn't get many good pictures. We walked a bit through Brooklyn Heights, taking a look at the promenade along the East River and peaking into the popular restaurants.

Mom and Dad visited the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island while Paul and I were at work Friday. I met them after work at Federal Hall, where George Washington took the oath of office. Early that evening I led Dad on a long walk to Bay Ridge's own promenade along the bay, and of course we stopped at Little Cupcake on the way back for treats later that night.

On Saturday we went to the Whitney Museum of American Art, followed by a quick jaunt through Central Park, followed by a downpour before we could make it to St. Patrick's Cathedral. We parked ourselves under construction scaffolding, walking a few blocks at a time during the lulls in rain until we made it to the church.

This weekend we have more visitors, although I'm not sure they're staying with us. Bill and Leslie are coming into town and we're all going to a Yankees-Reds baseball game Sunday, and I'm very excited. Bill and Leslie visited in February, and it was a great weekend. Add a Reds game, and how could it get much better?


  1. Sometimes your description of life in NYC sounds just like Hiroshima. We, too, have one a/c, and it's in the bedroom. In our case, though, I've been told buying another a/c would be several hundred dollars. :(

    But, at least we don't have noisy drunks downstairs... that's a bummer. (Maybe some strategically dropped water balloons could help solve that problem? :)

  2. Ugh, it was SO hot and humid in Baltimore that my sunglasses fogged up as soon as I stepped outside! Crazy. I normally dislike air conditioning because I get too cold when I'm inside, but I was very thankful for it then.

    I'm going to have to guilt-trip my parents into coming to visit me more. They only live 3.5 hours away and haven't visited once! Well, my dad went to an Orioles game with me in April, but that's because he was in Harrisburg, PA (about an hour north) on a business trip. My mom hasn't been here since she helped me move .... lazy bums. LOL.

  3. Did your mom smartly buy the Statue of Liberty tickets online, unlike me?



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