Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cincinnati Reds ... at Yankee Stadium

Who would have thought that I would feel the most at-home in New York City at Yankee Stadium?

Our friends Bill and Leslie visited over the weekend specifically to attend a Yankees-Reds game. They're fans of the pinstripes, while Paul and I obviously support the Reds. At the stadium, it looked like they were the ones who lived in New York while Paul and I were visiting!

Paul, in the lone red shirt in a sea of blue.

In all honesty, I was surprised how many Reds fans were at the game. They were sprinkled throughout the stadium-- even a couple sitting in front of us was wearing Cincinnati gear. I even saw a couple of Ohio State shirts, which warmed my heart.

The game started promptly at 1:05, but a heavy thunderstorm interrupted play and delayed the game for an hour in the middle. I rushed inside the covered part of the stadium by the concessions as soon as the first heavy drops came down. Paul, Bill and Leslie tried to stick it out, but they followed me just a couple of minutes later. They were drenched. I was barely wet.

The weather was clear and sunny for the remainder of the game, although the outcome was dark and dreary. The Reds lost, 4-1, but at least they won the series. And we saw Ken Griffey Jr.'s 601st homer.

Paul's knees are extremely sunburned from the game, so I've taken to calling him, appropriately enough, Mr. Redlegs.

I'm not particularly a Yankees fan, but I noticed I knew all but one or two of their players. I only recognized a handful of the Reds, which made me sad.

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