Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year, Same Good Times

A new year, and everything is the same and everything is different.

Our Christmas holiday was spent the same old way, and that's definitely not a complaint. We saw dozens of relatives and spent the day with my Hilliard in-laws and Defiance family, followed by a long weekend staying with my parents.

Our New Year's holiday was spent much differently than normal: with a party at our house. Around 25 adults and kids gathered for food, drink and fun, and a few of us even made it til the ball dropped. Those few included both Edith and Atticus, who "napped" for an hour at his normal bedtime but woke up, surely thanks to the noise and excitement. Who can blame him? So we rang in the new year as a family of four.

Of course, last year brought a new kid. It seems that he and his older sister are constantly changing. Every day brings a new skill for one or both. Yet the days, one after another, don't seem that different. Storytimes, playgroups, activities galore - the routine stays the same.

My life is pretty happy right now -- a wonderful husband, two kids I adore (and who seem to think I'm OK too), the opportunity to spend my days with them while continuing my freelance writing on the side. Last year was pretty great, and it's looking like 2016 will be more of the same. This is where I knock on wood, right?

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