Monday, November 10, 2014

Pregnancy #1 vs. #2

I feel like I'm pretty cognizant of the fact that no one cares about my pregnancy as much as Paul and me. Our parents and siblings care, of course, and maybe a few other various family and friends, but no one cares to the extent that they need daily updates (like I'm often guilty of giving Paul).

I'm even more aware of that fact this second time around, because even I don't pay as much attention to this pregnancy as I did the first. I have only so much worry and attention to go around, and most of that is concentrated on the toddler in front of me. I consider that a good thing -- I'm not so focused on how uncomfortable, hungry, etc. I am.

But obviously I'm aware of how these two pregnancies stack up against each other, mostly regarding food. The first trimester morning sickness phase lasted about six weeks with each of them and consisted of constant, all-day nausea. But with Edith, I ate a lot of baked potatoes, applesauce and ice cream milkshakes. This time it was Jolly Ranchers, Starburst and loaf bread.

In both cases, my appetite came back in spades during the second trimester. But this time I've hung onto some aversions. Pizza. I couldn't get enough of it right after I found out I was pregnant, then I got sick on it and can't eat it very often now. Tomato sauce and pasta (although I did have lasagna during vacation!). Most of all, yogurt, which I ate a lot of with Edith.

Cravings this time: Ice cream, Cheese Bits (a generic Cheez-It -- can't stand the real things!), croissants, toffee bars.

And what I think might be the weirdest one of all -- ice-cold water. For my entire life I've been just fine with room temperature water straight from the tap, usually preferring it. Now the water needs two or three ice cubes.

But all in all, I feel fine. I'll be 20 weeks along next week: halfway done.

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