Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Look Back on New York

I was so happy and sad to visit New York again in June. I was counting the days until we would arrive and desperately hoping the hours would stretch so that we wouldn't have to return to Ohio anytime soon. But now that I've had the full benefit of a week in Brooklyn and more than two months back in Columbus, I think I can honestly say I'm glad to be back.

I had glorified New York a bit in my head. I had always suspected this would happen, but our visit confirmed it. In my head, the annoyances weren't quite so annoying. But in the heat of the moment (and it was about 100 degrees when we were there!) they are difficult to ignore. Subways aren't made for strollers, and the sweltering stations aren't make for humans -- or at least those who want to remain comfortable. The apartments are small. Parking is far away. And if I had to go to a Laundromat again ...

So I'm used to the creature comforts of Columbus again. I maintain that New York is the most exciting city in the world. But it's certainly not the easiest.

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