Friday, March 9, 2012

Fallout Shelter Signs Around the City

While I've noticed only a couple of fallout shelter signs in Bay Ridge, they're much more common that I realized in New York City at large. In fact, this website has a collection of 100+ photos of fallout shelter signs throughout the city.

I have yet to see the inside of a fallout shelter in New York, although Paul and I did tour one in Berlin when we went to Germany in 2005. I mainly remember that it was dark and cramped, and the bunk beds were so close together that it would have been impossible to sit up. I believe the guide also mentioned something about how much it would've stunk had the shelter been fully operational and crowded.

No matter how far I crane my neck around the buildings with fallout shelters in Bay Ridge, I can't even begin to guess what they could look like inside. Still, it's interesting to see remnants from decades ago hovering right over my head.

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