Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays: Always the Right Thing to Say

Soho shop window

Plenty of people hate the phrase "happy holidays," but after four years of living in New York, I've learned it's by far the best and most accurate thing to say unless you know someone well. There's simply too many people who don't recognize December 25 the way I do.

Perhaps they celebrate Hanukkah. Or perhaps the Orthodox Christmas in early January. Or maybe they celebrate nothing at all. But everyone -- even those in the latter group -- recognized New Year's Eve. "Happy holidays" is always correct.

Is using "happy holidays" one tool in a "war on Christmas"? I don't think so. There's still plenty of lights twinkling throughout the city, and it's difficult to walk half a mile without encountering a vendor selling trees on the sidewalk. There's no doubt it's Christmas in the city, no matter what you do -- or don't -- celebrate.

Pay a Visit will return Wednesday, January 4. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Or happy holidays.

Rockefeller Center tree, 2010

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